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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Choose Milan,,Mexes reject MU and Madrid

French defender Philippe Mexez is officially join AC Milan, before joining AC Milan have rejected two bids Mexez juice of big European clubs Real Madrid and Manchester United. .
Mexez joined Milan on a free Transfes, after the Roma did not renew his contract,,
Mexez say its self will not forget Roma,,
instead he is very grateful to Roma,
he played with Roma for 7 years after he purchased from AJ Auxerre in 2004,
He will also keep the memory of my friends in Roma..
di Milan Mexez harus bersaing dengan Thiago Silva,Allesandro Nesta dan Mario Yepes untuk mendapatkan posisi utama di klub. .

Six team camdidate holder Tropy Primier league version Ferguson

Manchester United manager says Primier English League Title 6 teams will be contested. .
certainly The Big 4 (Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea)
2 again is the city of Manchester City and co-se
Tottenham Hotspur. .
although Arsenal are busy maintaining their core players who will leave, but they remain dangerous,
Liverpool also has risen slowly from the downturn,,
Manchester City very much with the funds that could bring a lot of great players. .
Tottenham Hotspur last season did not go in the big 4 but it is probably because the recording following the Champions League, now they do not follow the Champions League and will concentrate fully. .
Chelsea is already not one bitter if called enemies for United. .

Liverpool bring Doni from Roma

Goalkeepers this epidemic was 31 had signed a contract with Liverpool on Friday last with a cost-free transfer from Roma. .
Doni will be a substitute Reina. .
Last season, he played only 16 times. .
arrival of new coach Luis Enrique made ​Doni ​out of Skuad AS Roma. .
Doni became the fourth player to sign a contract with Liverpool in the transfer market this time...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bagaimana Nasib Timnas Indonesia?

Dari kabar yang beredar. .Alfred Riedl dinyatakan di pecat oleh pengurus baru PSSI dan akan digantikan oleh pelatih baru Wim Rijsberger. .sebetulnya apa alasan yang membuat Riedl di pecat?
dari kabar yg beredar Riedl di pecat lantaran Kontrak nya dengan PSSI tidak ada. .
alasan apaan itu?
jelas-jelas Riedl telah membawa Indonesia menjadi lebih baik. .
dari 9 pertandingan yang dilakukan Indonesia 7 kali menang dan 2 kali kalah. .
itu merupakan bukti bahwa Riedl mampu membawa Indonesia ke yang lebih baik. .
tapi kenap malah di pecat?
bagaimana dengan pelatih baru yang masih harus beradaptasi dengan Indonesia sedang kan Olimpiade sebetar lagi datang. .
seharus nya Riedl itu di pertahankan. .
kalau tidak ada kontrak,,dikontrak secara resmi apa susah nya sih?
memang susah memahami pimikiran petingi-petinggi negara. .

Lorenzo ready to fight with Honda

The fastest racer on the GP at Mugello and then it became more convinced. .
his second victory over Honda rider made ​​his motivation increases. .
Lorenzo is now in position 2 Klasement while lagging 19 points over Stoner, and a looming Davisioso in position 3. .
This weekend he will race at the Sachsenring circuits. .
Did da would be the fastest?

Stewart Downing deal with The Reds

Stewart Downing,, probably the best player who owned Aston Villa, but the player has belonged to Liverpool. . Liverpool and Aston Villa agreed to a price of 20M Pounds. .
to get the Downing manager Kenny Dalglish had to go to Marseyside on Thursday last, when Liverpool is undergoing their pre-season tour. .
in terms of getting this Downing,,
means Liverpool's win over Arsenal, who also wanted his Downing

Falcao stay in Porto

Radamel Falcao failed to move to the Big Club Europe, because he had signed a contract with FC Porto,Duration contact of Falcao is until 2015. .
from the news circulated Falcao would follow his former coach to Chelsea. . but it is not proven. .
Falcao joined FC Porto since 2009, he bought from River Plate and has accounted for 73 goals from 85 appearances for Porto. .
now he was defending his country Columbia in order to get Copa America trophy. .

Thursday, July 14, 2011

AC Milan looking replacment Pirlo

In the stock transfer this summer, AC Milan's main target is to find a replacement for playmaker Andrea Pirlo, who moved to Juventus. .
after his business who can not get Merek Hamsik and Sebastian Schweinsteiger, now aiming for AC Milan Fiorentina playmaker Ricardo Montolivo. .
AC Milan bid 6M Euro plus Cassano but Fiorentina want a 10M Euro plus Cassano. .
news circulated of AC Milan did not grant the offer. .
Montolivo reportedly did not want to sign another contract with Fiorentina. .
AC Milan and Fiorentina think will agree with the offer of 6M euro plus Cassano at the end of the "stock transfer,,
Where possible remove Montolivo Fiorentina in vain. .

Boateng go to Munchen

Passage of this German team defender has signed a contract with Bayern Munich until 2015. . Muchen and the City also agreed to keep prices Boateng Transfer. .
like its done Transfers Munich to the city held tough. . Munich plans to add strength in the back line, in its list of them is also targeting Chelsea's Alex and Barcelona defender Gabriel Milito. . but Boateng who became his main target. .

Newa job for Vieira

After deciding to retire to be footballer,, Vieira gets a new assignment at the floating soccer Manchester City. . so far he has raised a lot like 3 Trophy Premier League and 4 Tropy FA Cup with Arsenal, and a Trofy FA cup with Man City and he can also four Serie A titles and 2 Italian Super Cups. . Vieira also played a major role for France, with France he can lift the Trophy World Cup Trophy in 1998 and the European Cup in 2000. .
Vieira thanked Manchester City have been given the opportunity to perform this task. .

Modric ask to sold

problem Modric with the Chair manTottenham make Modric made ​​to go from Spurs, Modric criticized Levy says had violated an oral agreement to agree to sell it to the big club this summer, not long after the Spurs denied and dropped her on her fine. .
but hopefully coach Redknapp said pre-season tour in South Africa can make Modric change his mind. . like his dream of Chelsea is a club Modric,,
Chelsea had also been bidding for 27jt Pounds Modric. .
when I think, be great if Modric to Manchester united. .

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chelsea raise bids far Luka Modric

Chelsea will raise bid to sign Modric of Tottenham,,,
of 22M be 27M Pounds Pounds. . it happens because the Chelsea substitute Essien takes a serious injury last season. .
Although Modric has confirmed that he will not leave Tottenham and his manager had said that Modric is not sale, but is difficult to maintain as good a player Modric,,
His manager said his decision to sell or not exist at the Chair Club Modric. .

Rossi agree on contract?

Italian striker Giuseppe Rossi is on the news that the contract has been agreed by the parties handed Juve, contract duration of 4 years and a salary of 3.5 M Euro (Rp43 Millar) per year. . which is still a problem is negotiation about the price of the player's transfer, in proclaim Rossi rewarded with a price of 30 juta Euro (Rp 368 Millar). . So far Juventus have bought 4 players are: Stephan Lichtsteiner who purchased from Lazio by 10 M Euro, while Andrea Pirlo, Michele Pazienza, and Reto Ziegler on get for free.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Arsenal Singin Gervinho

Gervinho,, Ivory Coast striker is now a player for the Gunners,
because its game time with Lille last season was very good, he scored 15 goals in 40 games. . and bring gain Lille France cup and the French League Cup. .
Gervinho expected to bring Tropy for Arsenal. .
because now Arsenal have a lot of press because the deficit degree. .

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Arsenal approach Stewart Downing

Arsenal may have lost some of its mainstay players,, for anticipation of the vacancy position Arsene Wenger will enliven the transfer market. .
Nasri also likely to be away from Arsenal,to replace nasri the Arsene Wanger plans to bring Aston Villa wing Stewart Downing,,
Arsenal offered a bid of 15 M pounds. .
Downing is not the only player who will be brought to the Arsenal,
Arsenal plan will also buy Gary Cahill and Phil Jigielka. . to strengthen the heart of the Arsenal defense and replace Gael Clichy who leave Arsenal. .

For Tevez,,Madrid willing of 1 Striker

Madrid turned out to want to buy another player. .
now so coveted that it was Carlos Tevez, but the price to bring Tevez away from Manchester City is 56 juta Euro, Real Madrid only willing to provide cash for 28jt Euros, Plus gives one of his striker Higuain, Benzema. .
Jose Mourinho's plans might want Cristiano Ronaldo and Tevez play together as the Manchester United first. .