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Thursday, July 14, 2011

AC Milan looking replacment Pirlo

In the stock transfer this summer, AC Milan's main target is to find a replacement for playmaker Andrea Pirlo, who moved to Juventus. .
after his business who can not get Merek Hamsik and Sebastian Schweinsteiger, now aiming for AC Milan Fiorentina playmaker Ricardo Montolivo. .
AC Milan bid 6M Euro plus Cassano but Fiorentina want a 10M Euro plus Cassano. .
news circulated of AC Milan did not grant the offer. .
Montolivo reportedly did not want to sign another contract with Fiorentina. .
AC Milan and Fiorentina think will agree with the offer of 6M euro plus Cassano at the end of the "stock transfer,,
Where possible remove Montolivo Fiorentina in vain. .