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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Grup Copa America

GROUP A                                                          



                                            GROUP B

                                                                                                                                        GROUP C

Aguero savior Argentina

Atletico Madrid striker,,scored in the first game savior Argentina Copa America where Argentina to host. . in the first game facing Argentina vs Bolivia, Bolivia can excel beyond the estimated first through the foot Edivaldo lebis Rojas Harmoza at minute 48. . but at minute 76 Sergio Aguero scored from the counter and replies Argentina for defeat in front of supporters.

Silvio Berlusconi son want Iniesta to Milan

Pier Silvio Berlusconi, the son of Chairman AC Milan was impressed with the game Andres Iniesta, Spanish midfielder he wanted it played at the San Siro. . but the desire Berlusconi is still a dream because Andres Iniesta has no desire to move to Italy,, his contract with Barcelona until 2015 and still he remains a core player in Barcelona. .

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kaka will be sale of Madrid..

Madrid Bring Kaka in 2009 from major league Italian clubs AC. Milan with a transfer which is very expensive, 70 million Euros, transfer it to the second most expensive transfer in the time after Cristiano Ronaldo to come from Manchester United for 93 million Euros. but with a very expensive transfer pricing is inconsistent with the performance of Kaka in Madrid that are unstable and often injury plagued,,
kaka in the next season is not included in the strategy Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. . Many service clubs who already want Kaka, but Kaka himself wanted his own stay in Madrid and who prove that the money spent to buy it madrid is not in vain. .

Valencia want Berbatov

Manchester United striker who became Tops Score Premier League season 2010/2011 is still not clear, because until the end of this season he has not been in contact by the MU. . so many clubs are eyeing Stickers Bulgarian origin that one of them is the Spanish league club Valencia, Valencia news Setting up his 13 million pound bid to sign Manchester United striker is coming to Valencia. . Valencia also have set up Berbatov as the core team when he got to join Valencia. .

Villas Boas want Lucio to be The Blues

Andre Villas Boas new coach the blues is want Brazilian defender Lucio to join Chelsea, Lucio contract with Inter Milan will expire in 2013, because none of his contract extension offer from Inter Milan to Lucio's camp made ​​a desire such as Villas Boas it would be easy to get signatures Lucio. . but a new rich club Malaga  is also very eager to bring in Lucio to the Spanish League. .

Birthday Yamaha. .Spesial bike for Lorenzo and Spies

Year 2011 was a spesial year for Yamaha's, because in this year's Yamaha's 50th birthday in his participation in the world of Moto GP, which boasts this season yamaha launches spesial bike for Lorenzo and Spies, With Red and White Motor Stip Special Livery named YZR-M1 WGP 50 th Anniversary Edition. .

Samir Nasri approach to MU?

After several bids on the proposed transfers MU for the arsenal of Samir Nasri has always rejected, now the manager of Club No. 1 in England Sir Alex Ferguson said that in the transfer market this week in the last will bid for Arsenal. . 69-year-old manager was convinced that Samir Nasri will come to Old Trafford next week. .

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dani Pedrosa back to Mugello

After missing three series in the MotoGP spayol, Britain and the Netherlands due to injuries in the natural circuit in Le Mans, now Dani Pedrosa was fit to join the race at Mugello Circuit. .
Repsol Honda rider has only collected 61 points from 7 Moto GP series and was in position 6 standings. . top spot occupied by his teammate Casey Stoner, who has accumulated 136 points. .
Pedrosa could hopefully get a result in his later Mugello circuit. .

Perang Bintang Persipura VS All Star ISL 2-1

perang bintang 2011 game that brings the Indonesia Super League champions 2010/2011 persipura season which will face the ISL All-Star Team is selected through the sms lover football in the indonesia held in the stadium Mandala Jayapura, in minutes early first team All Star ISL got a lot of golden opportunities, but have not been able to generate the goal,, in the 30th minute team all Star ISL can be scored through the legs of M. Ridwan seeded 1-0 for the all Star team ISL, but the results did not last long 9 minute Zah Rahan then scored and make the results comparable 1-1. . and the winning goal Printed by Zah Rahan Roma back in Round 2 and make a win over the All-Star Teams ISL 2-1. .

Ferdinand jersey auction results for yayasan Syair

Rio Ferdinand came to jakarta,, Manchester United defender will undergo some activities in Jakarta,
one of them is the social service activities, by way of auctioning off the jersey he who had such clothes marked hand Roi Ferdinand, shoes, and paintings Rio Ferdinand. .
Rio Ferdinand in the auction raised funds amounting to Rp 160 jt,, will preach the fund at the foundation gave to yayasan syair. .

to Barcelona or stay in Udinise

Alexis Alejandro Sánchez or are often on call Alexis Sánchez was turned down offers from three big European clubs are Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus Youth At the news conference said that Chilean nationals dii If you just want to move to Barcelona, for the current Barcelona is klut best in the world, if barcelona and Udinese do not agree about the price he will still defend Udinese in the season 2011/2012.

New King Was Born

After the last match held draw by West Bromwich Albiol. .
Manchester United can still lift Primier League Tropy. .
With its fall Tropy Britain Premier League 2010/2011 season is in the hands of Manchester United's they have become more Tropy 1 from Liverpool,
and it make Manchester United's A NEW KING IN ENGLAND. .