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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Perang Bintang Persipura VS All Star ISL 2-1

perang bintang 2011 game that brings the Indonesia Super League champions 2010/2011 persipura season which will face the ISL All-Star Team is selected through the sms lover football in the indonesia held in the stadium Mandala Jayapura, in minutes early first team All Star ISL got a lot of golden opportunities, but have not been able to generate the goal,, in the 30th minute team all Star ISL can be scored through the legs of M. Ridwan seeded 1-0 for the all Star team ISL, but the results did not last long 9 minute Zah Rahan then scored and make the results comparable 1-1. . and the winning goal Printed by Zah Rahan Roma back in Round 2 and make a win over the All-Star Teams ISL 2-1. .

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