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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sneijder negotiable MU 35M Pounds

Decision manager Sir Alex Ferguson to bring Wesley Snijder to Old Trafford is a recent purchase of Fergie on the transfer market this if Inter Milan accepted the offer. . Sneijder Fergie chose to strengthen the Red Devils midfield. . MU bargain priced Sneijder 35B Pounds or approximately Rp 480 Millar. . Sneijder had a lot in the drill by the Clubs of Europe, but if Inter Milan will sell him?, Given that Inter Recently Purchased Argentina midfielder Alvarez


  1. Wesley Sneijder is a football player from The Netherlands I like him still. Transfer prices are gigantic and excessive .. Hertha BSC Berlin can not pay for Mr. Sneijder

  2. i like Sniejder stay in inter,,
    and MU buy Luka Modric. .
    because the price lower than Sniedjer,,but the agility is very nice. .